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Product name : Grades for solid tools
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Product detail
Grades for solid tools
Recommended applications for the grades กก>>> Grades for solid tools
Grade Microstructure Applications recommended


Suitable for machining composite materials,such as aluminum-magnesium alloys,reinforced plastics,and carbon fiber,iron-based alloys,etc.It is recommended for making drills for machining aluminum-magnesium alloys.


Suitable for making carbide tools,such as helical milling tools with high hot hardness and impact toughness.It is recommended for the roughing of common carbon steel.


Suitable for machining common steel,castiron,stainless steel,heat-resistant steel,nickel based alloys and titanium alloys,etv.It is recommended for making conventional tools,such as twist drills,end mills,screw taps,gun drills,etc.


Suitable for machiningtitanium alloys,heat-resistant alloys,stainless steel,hardened steel,grey castiron,glass fiber reinforced plastics,etc.It is recommended for making end mills and ball nose mills of various specifications with a higher hardness and strength than YL10.2.


It possesses better wear resistance,high transverse rupture strength,good toughness and impact resistance.Suitable for machining stainless steel,especially for the roughing and semi-finishing operations of austenitic stainless steel.It is suitable for machining heat-resis-tant alloy steel at low speeds.


Suitable for making solid dies and moulds and tools for punching operations.

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