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Cemented carbide rods and barsí¬grades,composition and properties
Cemented carbide strips with anglesí¬type specifications: Tí┴Wí┴LúşŽ┴
Cemented carbide stripsí¬type specifications: Tí┴Wí┴L
Cemented carbide rods with two helical coolant holesí¬type specifications: ŽÁDí┴2ŽÁdí┴TKŽÁí┴LB
Cemented carbide rods with two straight coolant holesí¬type specifications: ŽÁDí┴2ŽÁdí┴TKŽÁí┴LZ
Cemented carbide rods with one straight coolant holeí¬type specifications: ŽÁDí┴ŽÁdí┴L
Solid cemented carbide rod blanksí¬type specifications:ŽÁDí┴L
Cemented carbide rods for PCB toolsí¬type specifications: BŽÁDí┴L
Grades for solid tools
Grades for PCB tools
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